COVID-19 update

COVID-19 update 

The LTA have now issued some new guidance following the government’s easing of the lockdown which was announced in late May.

Singles and doubles is now allowed with members outside of your household, as long as you remain at least 2 metres apart as far as possible.

As social tennis is only allowed up to a maximum of 6 players, we can’t start our Monday and Wednesday Social nights. However, if individual members want to make a private arrangement to meet up, then this is allowed. This arrangement must only be for a maximum of 6 players and social distancing must still apply.

The full guidelines for Papworth Tennis can be found by clicking this link –> COVID easing JUNE 2020[1297]

Anyone not adhering to these guidelines and endangering the health of other members could have their membership terminated by the Club. This guidance may be reviewed and will change as national guidance is updated.

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