Alicante Cup – Postponed until further notice

Due to COVID-19 teh Alicante Cup is currently postponed until further notice

Alicante Cup 2020 – Click here for registration


The Alicante Cup is an always popular doubles event held in the Spring each year and is part social and part competitive tennis. The origin of the tournament was a member called Rodney Mariner, who lived close to the courts. He was a novice tennis player but became very active/supportive in the club, later coming onto the committee. He had a house and business in Spain, yes, you guessed it … in Alicante!

He donated a trophy to the club with the stipulation that it should include newcomers to tennis like him (and I suppose the weaker players), hence the way we pair up stronger and less skilled players and also why it’s the Alicante Cup.

Players of all ages are encouraged to participate and past winners include players well into their 70’s and youngsters not yet teenagers – it really is for everyone who can rally. Players are paired up according to skill, experience and mobility so that each team has a fair chance.

The sun usually shines and there is a wonderful buffet lunch or BBQ (in Rodney’s day, he prepared a paella!) provided by organisers and the committee. All members are encouraged to enter, or if not playing, to come and watch.

Visits: 863