Club Championship


Club Championship results 2012

Under 8s: Nathy Burman bt. Kirsty Peralta

Under 10s: Darius Fatemi-Ghomi bt. Holly Cobb

Under 12s: Darius Fatemi-Ghomi bt. Ben Stacey

Under 14s: Ben Stacey bt. Parisa Fatemi-Ghomi

Under 16s: Turan Munday bt. Ben Stacey

Mens Singles: James Hooper bt. Sam Douglas

Ladies Singles: Hannah Curtis bt. Debra Barker

Mens Doubles: James Hooper & John Peal bt. Sam Douglas & Mark Barradell

Ladies Doubles: Hannah Curtis & Laura Porter bt. Debra Barker & Lisa Seeley

Mixed Doubles: Tim Hooper & Sarah Barker vs James Hooper and Laura Porter still to be played

Club Championship results 2011

Under 8s: Aaron Bailey bt. Marli Sawford-Bates

Under 10s: Beau Brewster bt. George Nicholson

Under 12s: Ben Stacey bt. Amelia Brewster

Under 14s: Max Cummings bt. Turan Munday

Under 16s: Mark Barradell bt. Turan Munday

Mens Singles: Dan Thorby bt. James Hooper

Ladies Singles: Sarah Barker bt. Laura Porter

Mens Doubles: Tim Hooper & Sam Douglas bt. Ross Jenyon & Dan Thorby

Ladies Doubles: Sarah Barker & Caroline Douglas bt. Debra Barker & Christine Stenchen

Mixed Doubles: James Hooper & Christine Stenchen bt. Terry Stenchen and Laura Porter

Club Championship results 2010

Under 8s:  Beau Brewster bt. Aaron Bailey

Under 10s:  Isobel Davis bt. Max Cummings

Under 12s:  Amelia Brewster bt. Max Cummings

Under 14s:  Aaron Owers bt. Jake Faint

Under 16s:  Aaron Owers bt. Mark Barradell

Mens Singles: Dan Thorby bt. Sam Douglas

Ladies Singles: Zoe Douglas bt. Laura Porter

Mens Doubles: Alex Porter & Sam Douglas bt. John Booker & Dan Thorby

Ladies Doubles:  Zoe & Caroline Douglas bt. Lisa Seeley & Laura Porter

Mixed Doubles:  Zoe & Sam Douglas bt. Alex & Laura Porter

Annual Club Championships 2009

The Annual Club Adult and Junior Championships Grand Finals Day took place on September 27th 2009. We had great weather and great tennis – congratulations to all who made the Finals!


  • 8 and under Rian Sailsbury bt Beau Brewster
  • 10 and under Nick Ghaznavi bt Amelia Brewster
  • 12 and under Aaron Owers bt Sam Ghaznavi
  • 14 and Under Aaron Owers bt Jake Faint
  • 16 and under Dan Thorby bt James Hooper
  • Ladies singles Zoe Douglas bt Sarah Barker
  • Mens Singles Dan Thorby  bt David Barker
  • Ladies Doubles Zoe Douglas / Lisa Millard bt Karen Hotchkin/Caroline Douglas
  • Mens Doubles Dan Thorby / Alex Porter bt Andy Douglas / James Hooper
  • Mixed Doubles  – Zoe Douglas / Sam Douglas bt Karen Hotchkin / Alex Porter

A big thank you to Andy Douglas for doing a marvellous job organising this year’s tournament.